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01/07/25Challenge Houdini Story of MargeryMargery, The Scientific American151558
01/08/25A Challenge by HoudiniLetter to Editor: Lord Northcliffe, Evan Powell248197
02/04/25Houdini Gives a SéanceSpiritualism Lecture242166
02/12/25‘Margery’s’ Spirits Fail to Win PrizeMargery, The Scientific American2111342
03/08/25Houdini Quits Psychical SocietyThe Scientific American, American Society for Psychical Research20280
07/12/25Works ‘Telepathy’ as Houdini WatchesKonradi Leitner, Swiss Telepathist34298
07/22/25Summons Out for HoudiniDisorderly Conduct at the Francis P. Houdina Company53196
07/23/25Houdini Subpoenaed Waiting to BroadcastDisorderly Conduct at the Francis P. Houdina Company73330
08/05/25Houdini Discharged in CourtDisorderly Conduct at the Francis P. Houdina Company174112
09/12/25Spiritualists Want Mediums ProtectedInternational Spiritualist Congress, Paris33390
09/18/25Uproar Over HoudiniSpiritualism Lecture: Riot in Pittsburgh Theater162138
12/15/25Houdini Opens a New ShowWater Torture Cell, Illusions, Spiritualism Demonstration46173
12/29/25An Explanation from HoudiniLetter to Editor: Clarification of Spiritualism Performance226177
02/27/26Say Lawmakers Consult MediumsSéances in the White House173823
05/19/26Hints of Séances at White HouseSéances in the White House2621137
05/20/26This Charge Can’t be TrueSéances in the White House245237
07/09/26Houdini Again InstalledPresident of the Society of American Magicians186
08/04/26Sues Keith Company for $100,000Spiritualism Demonstration, Fred A. Wiggin241
08/06/26Houdini Wins Test in a Sealed CasketUnderwater Casket, Hotel Shelton724
08/15/26Houdini Walks with Literary SpiritsThe New York Times Magazine: Library122326
08/30/26Houdini and HoudinHoudini’s Name108
09/06/26Where Houdini Got His NameHoudini’s Name108
10/25/26Houdini Near Death After an OperationDeath252
10/26/26Give Houdini New SerumDeath229
10/27/26Houdini Has Restful DayDeath191
10/28/26Houdini Still in DangerDeath134
10/29/26Houdini Undergoes a Second OperationDeath120
10/30/26Houdini Slightly BetterDeath108
11/01/26Harry Houdini Dies After OperationsDeath133621
11/01/26More than an EntertainerDeath: Tribute208
11/02/26Recollections of HoudiniDeath: Tribute by Gabriel Wells266398
11/02/26Houdini’s Body Gets Here TodayDeath: Body, Punch2711308
11/03/26Harry Houdini Rites Tomorrow MorningDeath: Funeral234366
11/03/26Says Four Know Houdini’s SecretsSecrets234109
11/04/26Houdini Funeral TodayDeath: Funeral211207
11/05/26The Late Harry HoudiniDeath: Tribute by Frank H. Vizetelly207213
11/05/26Houdini Eulogized in Impressive RitesDeath: Funeral211628
11/07/26Houdini Made Himself the Master MagicianDeath: Obituary, Biography101–42292
11/08/26Jewish Actors’ Guild Pays Houdini TributesDeath: Tribute by Jewish Theatrical Guild193375
11/09/26Can't Find Houdini WillDeath: Will23132
11/12/26Houdini’s Library Valued at $500,000Death: Will, Library902
11/22/26Spirit Message of Houdini’s MotherSéance, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle46108
11/23/26Says Houdini Sent Word from BeyondMedium of Attleboro, MA154383
12/23/26Find Houdini Was Not HurtDeath: Student Punch, McGill University, Princess Theatre44140


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