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Jerry Interval


Jerry Interval, photo by Charles EshelmanJerry’s passion for photography is evident not only in his work and in his teachings, but in the personal notebooks he filled with his observations about the subject. This section of the website includes some of those observations, a few articles Jerry published, handouts he distributed at seminars, and more.

Although Jerry wrote most of the photographic pieces here, he sometimes incorporated existing concepts or literature that he felt would complement his own material. In those cases, he always gave full credit to the sources and invariably added his own derivative ideas to the mix.

In addition to photographic material, this section includes inspirational quotations and miscellaneous thoughts Jerry accumulated literally over a lifetime. So whether or not you’re a photographer, we hope you’ll benefit from his enthusiasm and passion for learning and take with you a piece of knowledge or wisdom that you can apply to your life now and in the future.






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