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  1. The Three Ts: Turn the body away from the camera. Twist the head toward the camera. Tilt the head away from the near shoulder (masculine), or toward the near shoulder (feminine).
  2. Nose: Always refer to the nose when identifying lighting patterns. Nose bias: Turn the nose away from the slant.
  3. Eyes and Mouth: See Expression handout
  4. Ear: Allow only one ear per picture.
  5. Hair: Spray hairspray on a hand-wipe and rub hand over head frizzies. The part side is toward the camera 99 percent of the time. The other side is usually high and should be away from the camera. This has a better effect on hair flow. Problem: Hair covers eyeball. Solution: Take the front inch or so and place it behind the ear. Take the rest of the hair and bring it forward to expose the eye.
  6. Head Positions: Straight on: The passport position. Three-quarter: Keep the eye within the perimeter of the face to avoid the “pop-out” look. Profile: The wider side of the face should be toward the camera.
  7. Diagonal Body Tilt: Lean the body forward on the elbow. Between this and a short split lighting, you have a winner.

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