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Close-up Pads

Close-up pads are felt-topped, rubber-backed mats used during close-up performances while seated or standing at a table. It's like a miniature stage, which not only helps people to focus on your magic but also makes it easier to spread playing cards and pick up coins or other small objects.

These pads, made by Murphy's Magic, are durable and come in green, black, red, and blue. So far, I carry only the 11 x 16″ (0.3″ thick) "Standard" size and thickness. The other two types are "Economy" and "Deluxe," which I will probably carry in the future.


$14.95 postpaid (USPS First Class) + CA sales tax


Before you do anything, please call me or email me to verify how many I have in stock and to let me know what color you prefer. If you already did that, then you can pay securely via my PayPal page or my Square page.

Close-up pads, assorted

Close-up pad, green

Close-up pad, black

Close-up pad, blue

Close-up pad, red