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01-14-23: 5-Week Magic Classes for Adults Start January 22, Interval Magic

02-09-20: 5-Week Magic Classes for Adults and Children Start March 29, Interval Magic

12-02-19: 5-Week Magic Classes for Adults and Children Start Dec. 15, Interval Magic

10-11-19: The Greenhouse Effect: David Kotkin's Early Magic Exposure and Performances, Interval Magic

10-09-19: Blogcast #11: Dinner at the Magic Castle with Kristen Connolly, Interval Magic

10-08-19: Easy Impromptu Spell Card Trick, Interval Magic

09-11-19: Easy Cups and Balls Tutorial, Interval Magic

09-06-19: Shoelace Rope Trick Tutorial, Interval Magic

09-05-19: Magnetic Attraction Card Trick Tutorial, Interval Magic

09-04-19: Say Stop Card Prediction Tutorial, Interval Magic

09-01-19: World's Easiest False Shuffle and Cut, Interval Magic

08-28-19: Ball Through Table Tutorial, Interval Magic

08-28-19: Rainbow Deck Tutorial, Interval Magic

08-17-19: Houdini Knot Tutorial, Interval Magic

08-13-19: Easy Card Prediction Tutorial, Interval Magic

08-11-19: The Four Burglars Tutorial, Interval Magic

08-08-19: Houdini's Birth: 1986 Blurb Incorrectly Corrects Me, Interval Magic

08-03-19: A Quick, Quirky, Corky Trick, Interval Magic

07-03-19: Appearance on KFMB CBS News 8 with Jenny Milkowski, Interval Magic

07-02-19: CBS News 8's Jenny Milkowski wows San Diego magician Tom Interval, Jenny Milkowski TV

07-02-19: Learn to perform magic from a professional magician in classes for adults, CBS News 8

06-30-19: Blogcast #10: When Harry Met Larry, Interval Magic

06-26-19: Adult Beginning Magic Class July 3–31, Interval Magic

06-25-19: When Harry Met Larry, Interval Magic

06-14-19: Double-Sided Coin Trick Part 1, Interval Magic

06-13-19: Blogcast #9: Harry Haudyni, German Houdini Imitator, Interval Magic

06-10-19: Haudyni: A German Houdini Imitator, Interval Magic

05-22-19: How to Control a Card the Easy Way, Interval Magic

05-09-19: Blogcast #8: Harry Houdini's Stamford Home, Interval Magic

04-24-19: Tom Frank DVDs Reviewed: Cups and Balls, Linking Rings, Interval Magic

04-23-19: Harry Houdini's Brother Leo Owned This Connecticut Mansion, Interval Magic

04-21-19: Swing-Cut Four-Ace Production, Interval Magic

04-19-19: Sibbs Stein Soul Mates Prediction, Interval Magic

04-04-19: Double Prediction Card Trick Tutorial, Interval Magic

03-30-19: Blogcast #7: Dynamite Magazine Harry Houdini Punch-Out, Interval Magic

03-27-19: Blogcast #6: Houdini Optical Illusion on National Geographic Brain Games, Interval Magic

03-27-19: Coins to Glass Magic Routine Tutorial, Interval Magic

03-17-19: First Five Houdini and Magic Blogcasts, Interval Magic

03-14-19: A New Move for the Hot Rod, Interval Magic

03-06-19: Tutorial Teaching Griffin O'Neal's Oil and Water Card Trick, Interval Magic

03-04-19: Patrons-only Video Update, Interval Magic

03-02-19: Blogcast #5: Wild About Houdini Since 1975, Interval Magic

03-01-19: Blogcast #4: Meeting Harry Blackstone Jr., Interval Magic

02-23-19: Blogcast #3: The Final Moments of Houdini's Life, Interval Magic

02-23-19: Blogcast #2: The Houdini Grave, Interval Magic

02-20-19: Blogcast #1: Harry Houdini's Dad Fired for Not Speaking English?, Interval Magic

02-20-19: Like my magic videos? Here's how you can help me make more!, Interval Magic

10-22-18: Houdini Jack-o'-Lantern 2018, Interval Magic

09-14-18: Reading into History: Interview with Deborah Noyes, author of The Magician and the Spirits, NY Historical Society

08-27-18: Obsessed with Magic Since the 1970s, Interval Magic

08-07-18: James Randi 1982 Radio Interview at Cornell University, Interval Magic

08-07-18: Beyond Reality Radio 2016 Interview, Interval Magic

07-10-18: Another Address for Houdini, Interval Magic

07-04-18: Houdini on the Fourth of July 119 Years Ago, Interval Magic

06-30-18: Today is Harry Blackstone Jr.'s Birthday, Interval Magic

06-29-18: Harry Houdini's Father, Interval Magic

06-15-18: Happy Birthday, Joseph Leeming, Interval Magic

04-03-18: Fun with Joseph Leeming, Interval Magic

03-24-18: Happy Birthday, Houdini, Interval Magic

10-31-17: A Scarce Photo of Houdini on the 91st Anniversary of His Death, Interval Magic

10-30-17: Houdini Jack-o'-Lantern 2017, Interval Magic

07-06-17: My Split-Second Appearance on a 1990 Busch Gardens Commercial, Interval Magic

06-30-17: Happy 83rd Birthday to Harry Blackstone Jr., Interval Magic

12-22-16: Beyond Reality Radio Interviews Tom Interval about Magic and Harry Houdini, Beyond Reality Radio

10-31-16: In Memory of Houdini on the 90th Anniversary of His Death, Interval Magic

08-17-16: Dynamite Houdini Punch-Out, Interval Magic

08-08-16: The Four Burglars: In Memory of Paul Daniels, Interval Magic

08-08-16: Magic Video Tutorials, Interval Magic

06-24-16: Nielsen Poster Auction Tomorrow Morning, Interval Magic

06-21-16: A Royal Pain, Interval Magic

06-16-16: In Memory of Dante the Magician, Interval Magic

05-14-16: Harry Blackstone Jr. Died 19 Years Ago Today, Interval Magic

05-05-16: The Female Ghost Buster Who Rooted Out Spiritual Fraud for Houdini, Atlas Obscura

03-22-16: Bill Bixby's Floating Ball, Interval Magic

06-30-15: Happy 81st, Harry!, Interval Magic

06-21-15: Global Vision Academy After-School Magic Program Wraps Up, Interval Magic

06-03-15: Students Learn More Than Tricks in First Magic Program at Global Vision Academy, Interval Magic

01-21-15: Time-lapse Card Reveal for Magicians, Interval Magic

01-20-15: Houdini Illusion Color-Changing Mug, Interval Magic

08-30-14: Houdini Miniseries Coverage, Interval Magic

08-29-14: 'Houdini' Star Kristen Connolly on Mrs. Houdini, 'House of Cards,' and Wikipedia Errors, Yahoo TV

08-29-14: 'Houdini's' Kristen Connolly captures the magic of Bess Houdini, Zap2it

08-29-14: Houdini: Kristen Connolly on Playing Bess Houdini, Give Me My Remote

08-29-14: Kristen Connolly Talks Houdini, Researching the Relationship, Uncomfortable Corsets, ..., Collider

08-28-14: History's 'Houdini' Captures the Power of Illusions—and Love (Interview),

07-21-14: A+E Announces Premier of 'Houdini' Miniseries Sept. 1, 9 p.m., Interval Magic

07-19-14: Tom Interval on Wake Up San Diego, XETV, San Diego 6, XETV, San Diego 6

07-10-14: UCSD's 'Magic and the Mind' youth program explores the psychology behind deception, Rancho Santa Fe Review

06-25-14: “Magic and the Mind” Youth Program Set for August at UCSD Extension, Interval Magic

04-05-14: Impossible Thingamabob, Interval Magic

11-11-13: Harry Ransom Center at UT Austin Launches Free Houdini and Magic Digital Collections, Interval Magic

10-31-13: In Memoriam: How did Houdini die?, Interval Magic

10-01-13: The New Bess Houdini Visits the Castle, The Magic Castle

09-25-13: Kristen Connolly Consults Tom Interval about Role as Bess Houdini on Houdini Miniseries, Interval Magic

08-28-13: “Learning Magic” Photos, Interval Magic

08-21-13: The Secret to All Magic, Interval Magic

06-30-13: Harry Blackstone Jr. Born 79 Years Ago Today, Interval Magic

06-25-13: Blackstone's Commercial Sleight of Chin, Interval Magic

05-24-13: In Memory of Harry Blackstone Jr., Interval Magic

05-09-13: National Geographic Channel uses Tom Interval's Houdini Illusion for Brain Games mosaic, Interval Magic

05-08-13: Artist Pete Fecteau Turns Houdini Optical Illusion into Mosaic for National Geographic Channel, Interval Magic

05-07-13: Magic on Pinterest, Interval Magic

01-11-13: Harry Houdini Optical Illusion, Interval Magic

12-12-12: Updates on Houdin E-book, Interval Magic

11-07-12: Tom Interval on Radio New Zealand National's “Afternoons” with Jim Mora, Radio New Zealand National

11-03-12: Houdin had them hoodwinked, Taranaki Daily News

10-01-12: Harry Houdin: The Great Polynational Mimic, Interval Magic

10-01-12: Tom Interval writes free e-book on 19th-century magician and mimic Harry Houdin, Interval Magic

04-10-12: Interval Magic introduces Reading Magic program, Interval Magic

10-31-11: Magician Tom Interval creating new websites for reference, nostalgia, Interval Magic

04-01-11: Interval Magic registered with county and city of San Diego, Interval Magic


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