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Magic is, unquestionably, one of the most enjoyable, beneficial, useful hobbies in existence, and anyone can learn to perform it well if he or she is willing to devote a little time and effort. Whether your interest in magic is new, or you're a seasoned wonder worker, Tom Interval, who has conducted public and private lessons since 1985, will teach you not only amazing tricks, but how to perform them as part of a coherent routine that will baffle and entertain any audience, large or small.

Corporate Training

Because magic is adaptable to different themes and settings, it's an extremely effective sales tool. Tom Interval will travel to your office or annual meeting and teach your salespeople how to incorporate key sales points into a memorable, mind-boggling magic presentation, enabling them to leave existing and potential customers with a positive, lasting impression of your products or services. To learn more, please contact Interval Magic.

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Private Lessons

People young and old learn magic for a variety of reasons. Maybe you're:

  • An adult or child who wants to learn a few simple tricks to show your friends and family.
  • A doctor who wants to use magic to help put your patients at ease.
  • A parent or guardian looking for a great way to entertain your children, grandchildren, or nephews and nieces.
  • A salesperson who wants to break the ice with a new client.
  • A teacher who wants to incorporate magic into your lessons.
  • A clown who wants to add a few colorful tricks to your show.
  • A beginning or intermediate magician who wants to take your act to the next level.
  • An actor, producer, director, author, or student who needs consultation for your project (see Consultation below).

No matter what your reason or skill level, Tom Interval will show you how to perform magic step by step with a tried-and-true method he's been using for decades. Lessons are available in one-, two-, and three-hour sessions for ages six and up and are discounted if you commit to multiple lessons. To learn more, please contact Interval Magic.

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Public Classes

Tom Interval sometimes offers in-person and online classes at libraries, schools, and other community locations. These classes will be listed here when scheduled. Please check back from time to time.

January 2023: Adult Magic Classes

Fall/Winter 2022/23: Zoom Outschool Magic Classes

December 2019: Adult Magic Classes

December 2019: Children's Magic Classes

Spring 2015: San Diego Global Vision Academy

Summer 2014: Magic and the Mind

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Whether you need close-up shots of someone performing sleight of hand in your film or television show, technical assistance for a magic scene in your theater production, or advice regarding a magic character or illusion in your book, Tom Interval can help. Please contact him for more information and availability. To read about Kristen Connolly (The Cabin in the Woods, House of Cards) consulting me about her new role as Bess Houdini in History's two-part miniseries, Houdini, starring Adrien Brody, check out my blog.

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Magic and the Mind

Magic and the Mind is a week-long, 20-hour, youth-enrichment program that teaches middle- and high-school students about psychology, neuroscience, and critical thinking as revealed through some of the techniques magicians use to fool people's minds. Designed by cognitive scientist Dr. Iris Oved and Tom Interval, the program will be offered in the summer and fall of 2014 through the University of California (UCSD) Extension. Please visit the Magic and the Mind website for details.

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Reading Magic

Reading Magic is a nonprofit, curriculum-based program designed to inspire children ages six and up to read about a multitude of academic subjects while developing useful life skills learned through the study of magic as a hobby. The program, presented at schools and libraries, covers simple magic tricks and theory employing math, science, psychology, perception, history, and theater. To learn more, please see the Reading Magic section of this site.

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Skills and Benefits

Because magic's best secrets are shrouded from the general public, most people probably don't realize just how many useful skills and benefits magicians pick up while studying the art:

  • Physical and psychological misdirection
  • Performance art and public speaking
  • Reading speed and comprehension
  • Communication and social interaction
  • Creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking
  • Self-confidence, discipline, and dexterity
  • Planning and organization
  • Improvisation and resourcefulness
  • Many others

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Lessons from sleight of hand to stage

Worldwide Children's Classes on Outschool


★★★★★ Outschool reviews: 460+ five-star reviews →

★★★★★ Yelp five-star review: “Such a great experience! I knew nothing about magic before I met Tom. He's just the right combination of performer, technician, and enthusiast. His passion comes through in his teaching. You not only learn the techniques, but the spirit behind the trick, the nuances, and the patter and presentation that make them so good. After my first couple lessons I was able to perform a handful of tricks for my friends and they were blown away. As you learn, you get to see his ability first hand as a performer. Tom Interval is the real deal.”

Eric E., San Diego

★★★★★ Yelp five-star review: “Tom is an amazing magician and an even better instructor!!! He listened to what I was interested in learning and tailored a phenomenal curriculum to what I was looking for. He is very clear and explains things well. His videos and visual aids are so clear and easy to follow. They really helped me practice. He is always available when I have questions about the material. I highly recommend taking lessons from Tom if you are interested in learning magic.”

Sameer Sikora, San Diego

★★★★★ Yelp five-star review: “My son has always loved magic and recently asked if he could take lessons. Tom's name appeared on a Google search and he has many high reviews. Tom is an amazing detailed oriented teacher. He is so passionate about teaching his lessons often go over the hour he is paid. He is kind and patient and makes sure you understand and can perform the magic trick correctly. My son looks forward to his lesson every week. Highly recommend.”

Kirsten Aristizabal, San Diego

★★★★★ Yelp five-star review: “I hired Tom as a magic coach/instructor to help me get to a level where I could start performing again. A typical teacher would just teach you a few tricks, but Tom went above and beyond. He really got to know my goals, and we mapped out a plan to help me achieve those goals, and then got to work. So, while he did teach me new tricks, he also helped me with my presentation, confidence and gave me new ways to think about magic. I highly recommend Tom as a magic teacher and coach.”

Andrew Motiwalla, Cofounder, Global Leadership Adventures, San Diego

“You have given me a whole new perspective on magic. Not just magic but also you have shown me the best practices for engaging an audience and the overall performance. Thank you for your time, patience, generosity and your ability to make things look easy.”

Jet, Middle-School Student

“Kids in Tom's magic classes not only learn tricks, they have the experience of relating to an adult who genuinely enjoys teaching kids to love what he loves.”

Dee Giffin Flaherty, Writer, Pittsburgh's Child

“Thanks so much for sharing your skills. Your class was tremendous.”

Dee Giffin Flaherty, Writer, Pittsburgh's Child

“Interval is patient and kind, yet firm, while guiding them through the…trick. He was planning to teach his class for three weeks, but the students enjoyed it so much, they wanted another session.”

Lynne Margolis, Staff Writer, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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