Interval Magic


Tom IntervalTom Interval's interest in magic began at the age of six after his parents bought him a magic set. In the years that followed, he passionately studied magic books and articles, read several biographies about Harry Houdini, his childhood hero, watched as many live and televised magic performances as he could, and practiced sleight of hand for up to eight hours a day. He gave his first paid magic show at a children's party when he was 12—not much older than most of the people in his audience.

In 1981, Interval joined the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) and attended his first magic convention, held that year in Pittsburgh, his hometown. Two years later, he attended Louis Tannen's magic camp in New York. In 1985, at the age of 18, Interval won the Pittsburgh IBM's Magician of the Year contest, began teaching magic classes at a local community college, and continued to hone his skills performing at as many local venues as possible.

During this time, he entertained mostly at community and private events, performing everything from card tricks to the stage illusion of cutting a woman into fourths. While developing his technique and performing style, Interval gleaned inspiration from many famous modern magicians, including David Copperfield, Doug Henning, Harry Blackstone, Jr., and Mark Wilson, all of whom he was fortunate enough to meet. In 1987, he joined the Society of American Magicians (SAM), conducted more public and private magic classes, and worked as a demonstrator at a local magic shop.

Later that year, Interval successfully auditioned for Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia, and was hired full time in 1988 as a resident magician, portraying a medieval conjurer, complete with a period costume and British accent. While at Busch, he polished some of his favorite magic routines and newfound acting skills as he performed four to six magic shows each day. He also trained magic-shop employees and represented the park during a regional media tour, performing magic at hospitals and on a few local talk shows along the East Coast.

After his Busch contract ended, Interval moved back to Pittsburgh and performed magic semiprofessionally as he worked at various part-time jobs and attended college. After graduating summa cum laude from La Roche College with a Bachelor of Arts in professional writing, and minors in communications and management, he worked full time for 12 years as a writer and editor in the marketing communications departments of two companies and part time as a magician. During this period, he published some instructional articles in M-U-M, the SAM's national trade journal, conceived and created the website, Houdini in The New York Times, and had supporting roles in Doing Therapy, an independent film, and Mr. G., a sitcom that aired on PCTV in Pittsburgh.

In 2009, after cutbacks at his most recent corporate job, Interval moved to San Diego and ultimately decided to pursue magic professionally again. He registered his business, Interval Magic, with San Diego County and the City of San Diego in 2011, joined the Academy of Magical Arts (AMA) in 2012, and is currently marketing his magic shows and training locally and nationally while performing, developing new material, and working on magic-related writing and website projects.