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Tom Interval brings his walk-around magic to the Rex

PITTSBURGH–September 7, 2003–Tom Interval certainly is not one of the loneliest single guys in Pittsburgh.

Regardless of the venue, he's usually surrounded by people who are intrigued by his fast hands, sharp tongue and mind-blowing magic tricks. But that didn't stop him from going to the Rex Theatre last night for an event designed specifically for lonely single people.

It was The Loneliest Single Guy and Gal in America contest, one of the most innovative events to ever hit the ‚Burgh. While the main attractions included four stand-up comics, acoustic musician Jay Hitt and many very funny contest antics, Tom warmed up the crowd before the stage show with his unique brand of walk-around magic.

“Tom's rapport with the audience really impressed me,” said Joe Giacobello, owner of Bello Productions and creator of the contest. “He's an excellent entertainer, and his sleight of hand is first rate. We were all blown away.”

Interval wasn't the only one doing magic that night. Moon resident Lisa Sabino, the contest's grand-prize winner, performed a trick that Interval taught her—“The Dating Game” card trick, a comical illusion using large pictures of bikini-clad women.

“That was the perfect trick to do because Joe had to cancel the swimsuit part of the contest,” said Interval. “So the men in the audience got their bikini fix and saw a great magic trick to boot.”

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